Terms And Conditions – WPTutorialsPLR.com Membership

This section explains the terms and conditions you must agree to abide by as a customer/member to use our products.

The main purpose of WPTutorialsPLR.com is to help add value to your WordPress web services business by allowing you to provideĀ  “branded” WordPress training to your own clients.

In other words, if you provide a service such as building or configuring a WordPress site for your own clients and you want to provide them with training on how to use WordPress, then we allow you to edit the tutorials and brand the content with your own logo, your own images, and your own links.

You can claim authorship of the content but not the copyright – this remains our intellectual property at all times.

You can also make any general modifications to the content that you feel are necessary to maintain the look and feel of your business, and to accommodate the needs of your clients. Examples of this include:

  • styling the content to fit your website’s theme
  • choosing to include / exclude content in the tutorials
  • choosing to exclude some tutorials from being shown to users
  • adding media files to the content
  • rewriting sections of the content

Please note: Many people confuse Private Label Rights with Resale Rights. We do not offer resale rights to our products. If you need clarification on the differences, please see our FAQ section.

Below are the rights included with our product:

Web Tutorials, Blog Posts & Training Emails

You are not allowed to repackage, redistribute or resell the web tutorials. These are for your own personal use only.

You are granted reasonable use of some (but not all) of the content of up to 8 individual components (i.e. web tutorials, blog posts and training emails) to promote your site and entice new clients to use your services. Examples of reasonable use includes using some screenshots and a few paragraphs of a tutorial on your website, or including these in a .PDF document as a bonus report or sample to help users evaluate your offering.


As stated throughout this site, we have not created most of the videos that accompany the content – we have simply purchased the rights to include these videos with the tutorials to save you the time and money of having to source or create your own videos. Any videos included in the membership content are for your own personal use only. You can add the videos to your site to train your clients, but you cannot resell these.


The rights and terms of use for bonuses included with the membership content are separate to the rest of the content and specific to each bonus. Some of these bonuses include the right to modify and/or resell, and some are for your own personal use only.

Training Membership Site

In addition to the above terms and conditions, you can use the content that we provide to you to create a WordPress training membership site.

If you decide to create a WordPress training membership site, however, then you must agree to abide by the additional terms and conditions set out below:

  • Your membership site must clearly state that you are providing users with access to the tutorials for the specific purpose of teaching them how to use WordPress.
  • The content must remain hosted on your site at all times.You cannot install the tutorials on any site or domain that you do not own.
  • You cannot make access to the content inside your training site available to users outside of your membership site using modified browsers, viewers, plugins, other media, or by any other electronic or printed means.
  • You are allowed to reasonably use some (but not all) of the content of up to 8 individual web tutorials to promote and entice members to join your membership site. Examples of reasonable use include using some screenshots and a few paragraphs of a web tutorial on your website, or included in a .PDF document as a bonus report or sample to help users evaluate your offering.
  • You are not allowed to duplicate the WPTutorialsPLR.com membership business model (i.e. you cannot start a membership site with the purpose of reselling to others the same product that we are providing to you.)

As long as you are using the content within the terms specified above and remain an active paying member of WPTutorialsPLR.com, you can continue to provide your clients with access to our training content and receive any updates we make to the content.

If you cancel your membership with WPTutorialsPLR.com, then you will no longer receive updates to the content, and your rights to continue selling access to the content will expire. If you wish to continue selling membership subscriptions after this time, special permission will need to be granted subject to a review of your website and/or membership site, and/or payment of a content licensing fee.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for licensing our content to you, to set the amount of the licensing fee, and to decide whether to charge or waiver any fees at our discretion.

We also reserve the right to change any and all terms and conditions of this agreement at any time without notice to members and to cancel the membership of any users who violate or do not abide by our terms and conditions immediately, and without refund.

If you intend to use any of the content we provide to you through WPTutorialsPLR.com in any manner other than that which has been specified above, then you will need to first obtain our permission before using the content.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or write to: Martin Aranovitch, PO Box 48, Round Corner, NSW 2158, Australia